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Tow truck types: Which one to choose?

This article can be beneficial for both roadside assistance services and customers who are in desperate need of an affordable tow truck. It does not matter where you live or who your are, this information can be helpful for you in the future The first and most important thing is to select the right truck for the type of road problem that someone is having. Tow trucks are different and it is of utmost importance to pick the right truck for right type of trouble. The correct choice of truck can ensure a quality towing service and the least amount of damage to the car that needs to be towed. Now lets look at the types of towing trucks: Flatbed or a slide truck. This is probably the most widely used and efficient tow truck. It perfectly does to the job of lifting the car and moving it from one place to another, without causing any damage to vehicle during transport. This truck uses hydraulics for the heavy lifting. The flatbed rolls back under a certain angle allowing you to drive a car onto it. After that it returns to its original position. This is the truck A-quick tow uses. Wheel lift truck. The lifting here happens with the wheels. The car is being dragged by the truck from behind using a special metal yoke. This truck also uses hydraulics to lift the vehicle. First the yoke is placed under the wheels and then the hydraulics lift the car. Hook and chain or sling truck. This is the oldest type of tow trucks and thus the least safe when... read more

How to select a good local towing company?

Have you ever been in a car accident? Or maybe your vehicle has broken down at a random place? If yes then you know the struggle for finding a good local towing company. Most people don’t save the number for a good towing company when leaving home or just leaving on in their car just in case. We know that it can be very frustrating to call random auto towing companies and hoping for the best, but sometimes there is no other choice. First you need to know that not all towing companies are created the same. Although it is easy to dial the numbers for towing companies, finding a honest and efficient one can be a real challenge and takes a lot of time. Nobody likes having car problems. And what you do with your time while waiting for the tow truck can be very important. First thing you need to do is keep your mind clear so that you can better explain the problem. This can be very helpful for the towing specialist and the auto body shop to easily assess the condition of your vehicle. Without further delay, lets see some tips for selecting a reliable local towing company in Minneapolis: The most important step for the protection of both you and your vehicle is to research and decide on which towing service you will select and call. This decision will save a lot of money, time and headaches later. You can use the Internet and Google or other search engines or ask you family and friends for recommendations. It is always better to get an... read more

The key safety advices for towing a vehicle

The Significance of a Reliable Local Towing Company What does a tow actually refer to? It is really simple – moving your damaged car from one place to another. Make sure you have in mind the following significant bullet points, when searching for a towing contractor: fast response; knowledgeable customer support; skillful mechanics; reliability; affordability. What else should you expect from local towing companies like mine? A good towing company owns the highest quality of tow trucks, combined with a quickly responding staff and reliable services. A top notch tow truck requires to be driven by a knowledgeable and skillful driver! The level of professionalism of the towing contractor’s crew is as important as the service itself. They have to be up to date with the latest developments in the towing business. They have to be expert mechanics in order to appropriately tow your vehicle. The towing process can be quite risky. The next pieces of information will reveal to you the proper methods and accurate skills of safely towing a vehicle. That gives you the opportunity and advantage to learn more about your local towing provider: never go beyond towing capacity – when you call your contractor, they must ask you what type of vehicle needs to be towed. Like that, they will know which type of truck to dispatch. Be aware that attempting to tow a bigger machinery, than the tow truck can handle, is really risky; use the safety chains at all times – the safety features of the towed cars are in most cases compromised, due to an accident or a malfunction. Your towing contractor... read more

What to Do While Waiting for a Tow

Major safety tips and advices for when you wait for your affordable tow truck Road accidents are not the only situations when a driver may need an assistance. In case you can’t shift out of park and in gear for example, try stepping on the brake first. Many cars with automatic transmissions have this as a safety feature. But in most situations, you will require a reliable and affordable tow truck service. It is always better to leave your damaged vehicle in the hands of the experts like myself. Although A-Quick tow’s dependable truck is fast, you still have to wait some time before it arrives. Here are some tips what to do while waiting: – try to move the damaged vehicle away from the traffic. In case that is impossible, make sure your car is visible for the other drivers; – turn on your Hazard lights! – use the Reflective Triangle! Make sure you place it few meters behind the car. This way, the other drivers will be notified in advance. But how tow trucks look like you might ask. Are there more than one type? If you continue reading, you will be surprised how complexed these machines really are: – boom tow truck – a boom winch is used to pull damaged vehicles from a ditch or difficult to reach places; – hook and chain tow truck – chains are placed around the frame of the vehicle, which allows the truck to pull it; – wheel-lift tow truck – the system used here is lifting the drivable wheels. The idea is matching the hook and chain method;... read more

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