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A car flatbed towing service is what you need!

Flatbed towing neededA-Quick tow is here to offer you the reliable and Professional Towing Service that you need on the roads of Minneapolis. Whether it is about transporting your precious luxury vehicle, or that old junky four-wheeler have reached its last moment, my flatbed tow truck is at your services. Towing trucks are a necessity when a road collision occurs. In that case, your vehicle most likely needs to be towed to the nearest repair facility or to a safe distance from the traffic. All that needs to be done fast and in a professional manner. This is exactly what my expert car flatbed towing service offers. My truck has been operating within Minneapolis for the past 24 years and counting.

Call (612) 990-3518 and reach the impeccable car flatbed towing near You!

My flatbed Tow truck can carry anything from bulky objects to heavy stuff due to their open space platforms. It is one of the safest in the business. Keeping your car off the road with my truck protects its transmission and tires. It keeps them from wearing unevenly. And some of the even greater advantages offered by my flatbed towing service include speed and convenience. You depend only on the speed of my rig and it is fast, real fast. When loaded, the car itself doesn’t touch the road. In this case the length and flexibility of the truck are unharmed. My A-Quick tow business makes sure, that once your vehicle is securely strapped down onto the tow truck, it is safely traveling to its destination.

The procedure of carefully lifting your vehicle and placing it on the flatbed platform creates no risk or damage. Once on it, your car doesn’t receive any wear and tear. While your precious ride is elevated, it can not bump into a hole on the road or get damaged by an accident. Your car is in the right hands. A-Quick tow will handle any vehicle challenge that you may face on the streets of Minneapolis. For a smooth ride call 6129903518!