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Tow truck types: Which one to choose?

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This article can be beneficial for both roadside assistance services and customers who are in desperate need of an affordable tow truck. It does not matter where you live or who your are, this information can be helpful for you in the future

The first and most important thing is to select the right truck for the type of road problem that someone is having. Tow trucks are different and it is of utmost importance to pick the right truck for right type of trouble.

The correct choice of truck can ensure a quality towing service and the least amount of damage to the car that needs to be towed. Now lets look at the types of towing trucks:

  1. Flatbed or a slide truck. This is probably the most widely used and efficient tow truck. It perfectly does to the job of lifting the car and moving it from one place to another, without causing any damage to vehicle during transport. This truck uses hydraulics for the heavy lifting. The flatbed rolls back under a certain angle allowing you to drive a car onto it. After that it returns to its original position. This is the truck A-quick tow uses.
  2. Wheel lift truck. The lifting here happens with the wheels. The car is being dragged by the truck from behind using a special metal yoke. This truck also uses hydraulics to lift the vehicle. First the yoke is placed under the wheels and then the hydraulics lift the car.
  3. Hook and chain or sling truck. This is the oldest type of tow trucks and thus the least safe when it comes to vehicle transportation. Its prefered use is for towing junk cars or cars that have already sustained a damage. The towing process uses a hook and chain, which are coiled to the car frame or axle.

If you ever are in need of a towing service, remember to ask what kind of truck they will use to pick up your car. And if you happen to look for an affordable tow truck near Minneapolis, just give me a call and I will be there quickly.