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What to Do While Waiting for a Tow

Major safety tips and advices for when you wait for your affordable tow truck

Waiting for tow truck to arrive

Road accidents are not the only situations when a driver may need an assistance. In case you can’t shift out of park and in gear for example, try stepping on the brake first. Many cars with automatic transmissions have this as a safety feature.
But in most situations, you will require a reliable and affordable tow truck service. It is always better to leave your damaged vehicle in the hands of the experts like myself. Although A-Quick tow’s dependable truck is fast, you still have to wait some time before it arrives.

Here are some tips what to do while waiting:
– try to move the damaged vehicle away from the traffic. In case that is impossible, make sure your car is visible for the other drivers;
– turn on your Hazard lights!
– use the Reflective Triangle! Make sure you place it few meters behind the car. This way, the other drivers will be notified in advance.

But how tow trucks look like you might ask. Are there more than one type? If you continue reading, you will be surprised how complexed these machines really are:
– boom tow truck – a boom winch is used to pull damaged vehicles from a ditch or difficult to reach places;
– hook and chain tow truck – chains are placed around the frame of the vehicle, which allows the truck to pull it;
– wheel-lift tow truck – the system used here is lifting the drivable wheels. The idea is matching the hook and chain method;
– flatbed tow truck – that is assumed to be the safest towing truck. Its flatbed can be placed really low on the ground. A winch pulls the vehicle above the flatbed surface. Once loaded, your car is securely attached to the rig;
– repo tow truck – a combination of a wheel lift and a boom tow truck into one unit.

All that must be done safely and correctly. Be wise and use my affordable tow truck services to get you up and running again in no time. Being on the market for the past 24 years gives me experience and skills to offer that and a lot more. When you need a trustworthy roadside assistance in Minneapolis, call A-Quick tow at 6129903518.